8 creative ideas on how to make money at home in your spare time

1. Freelance writing

If you have a passion for writing and feel that you can really be creative and do a good job, then freelancing may just be your niche. There are many places that a freelancer can put their skills to action such as Real Writing Job or Real Translator Job
You can also go a step further and create your own blog and make money from selling advertising space.

2. Become An Online Personal Trainer

Do you see yourself as a bit of a fitness freak? Well nowadays people are turning to the advice and guidance of trainers in the online world. With the power of Skype, E-Mail and Social Media the internet has made it possible for fitness heads to coach others and develop the perfect routines for their specific needs all while operating straight from home.
Promote yourself on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and through your very own website or blog to get started. If you are delivering the right message to the online world then they will come to you for personalised advice.
This is the perfect situation for those who cannot afford to be running around town through all the traffic and cutting their meetings short because their client list is way too long. Coaching online via Skype means that you can bounce from one meeting to another in the comfort of your own home, making this a great way for anyone who is qualified as a personal trainer to make money from home.

3. Sell art From home

This is for those who have an artistic side. You can make money in sites such as Etsy.com where you can sell your stuff to shoppers all around the world for a percent traction fee.
Try this Art Program if you are good in graphic design.

4. Run Your own retail store online

More and more people nowadays are buying products online, why would you go to the hassles of travelling to the city to buy your favorite products, clothes and trinkets when you can find it all in just a couple clicks online?
Some retail businesses have even stated that when they took their business online that where they are making 3 – 5 times more profit and where they even able to simplify and streamline their business. Wouldn’t you like to run your very own online retail store? Well, that is where Online Health Store comes in. They have all the products you need to setup an online retail store with a shopping cart and a great layout.
Start selling your favorite products or your own creations online today so you can start to make money from home.

5. Become a product tester

If you are one of those people that always wants to have the newest items in the market this is a great field for you.
Many companies are looking for people who can test and market their products all while making money from home then these are the following sites to look at: Mystery Shopper or Get Paid to Shop

6. Rent out the extra room in your home

This is for those who love meeting new people. You can make quite a good amount of money doing so. There are many overnight travellers who are always looking for a comfortable bed and breakfast.
You can list your space at AirBnB if you want such a career.

7. Work from your own home office

Legit Online Jobs offers 100′s to 1000′s of jobs for those looking at working from their own home office. Mainly telecommunication jobs with part-time and casual positions throughout the week. They have helped over 200,000 people in their job search and currently have about 15,000 active job seekers using their service.
This is a service you pay small fee a month to use. That fee gives access to 7,000 pre-screened jobs that offer some flexibility. Again, you’re paying for a service, not a job, but this is well worth it if you have the setup and need the flexibility to work from home.
You can also try Social Media Jobs if you are using Facebook, Twitter frequently. Or even get paid for uploading pictures on social media. Try this Get Paid for Pictures 

8. Coach from home

If you are an expert in any field for example: music, cooking, health, science, math etc. you can make money from home by offering to teach others online.
On a site like Online Coaching you can apply to become a part-time coach for libraries, schools and institutes of higher education.

Get Paid Taking Pictures

Part time freelance online jobs using social media

Part time freelance online jobs using social media

So everyone is talking about being a social media manager and getting paid to do jobs on Facebook and Twitter, but what exactly are Social Media Jobs? Would you want to Work from home part time with a freelance online job using social media like facebook?

As you probably know, more and more businesses are trying to get a presence on Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You may well have noticed some businesses from your local area creating creating Facebook fanpages and putting advertisements on Facebook, or uploading videos to YouTube.

These are all examples of social media marketing and more and more businesses are shifting their marketing budgets in this direction. That’s all well and good I can hear you saying, but…..How Does This Make YOU Money?

Well that is a very good question, because whether you realize it or not, most businesses (including the ones in your local area) who are starting to use social media marketing in their business are hiring people just like you to do the work on a part time basis from home!
Yes that is right, you can get paid to work from home part time managing the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts of businesses. This means that you can get paid to:

  • * Post and reply to comments on Facebook
  • * Create and moderate Facebook Fanpages and groups
  • * Upload and comment on YouTube videos
  • * Generate more ‘views’ and ‘likes’ for YouTube videos
  • * Tweet out special offers and promotions
  • * Many more easy jobs on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!
earn extra income with a paid social media job

So How Do You Find A part time Social Media Job?

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Freelance Photography Jobs Online

Looking for a freelance photography job that pays you for doing what you love - taking pictures? You are lucky. PhotographyJobONline is a new comprehensive guide detailing step by step how people can take great picture and make some extra cash. The program is specially created for people who have a passion for photography and wanting to earn extra income via photography. 

This program provides useful guide detailing step-by-step how people can make money by uploading their favorite picture to various websites from their PC. The blueprint is a program designed not only for amateur but also for professional photographers who wish to take their pictures and turn them to an income stream by selling their photos online.

Even if you have no ideas how to take good pictures. The blueprint will guide you through each simple steps including how to touch base on your basic photos. 

Photographs will discover useful tips to obtain the best picture ever even if they use a poor digital camera, how to find clients and how to find websites to upload their pictures. People should not forget that by selling their pics online, one of the best thing of that job is that their picture would be sold over and over again, and each time they sell, they are paid for it. Not every picture will be a bestseller.

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